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Welcome to vegefood.com!  We provide a wide variety of meat alternatives including vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, soy free and non-GMO food items. Vegefood.com is where to buy vegetarian meat online. In addition to meat substitutes, we sell tasty seasonings and gravies, delicious beverages, milk alternatives, vegan marshmallows, vegetarian jerky, vinegar-free pickles, vinegar-free salsa, and much more.

We have a selection of over 100 plant-based food items and the list keeps growing!  We bring you vegetarian foods from brands like Better Than Milk, Bragg, Cedar Lake, Chili Man, Heritage Health Foods, Loma Linda Foods, McKay’s, Mori-Nu, Neat and more.

Ever heard of a hot dog in a can?  If you haven't, be sure to try our best-selling vegan hot dog – Loma Linda Big Franks!  They come in regular, low-fat, and family size.  Great for family picnics and barbecues.  Match them up with Grandma’s potato salad and some baked beans.  Yum!  Take some on your next camping trip.  Don’t forget to bring along some vegan marshmallows! 

Need an alternative to fried chicken?  Try Loma Linda Fri-Chik!  It’s a popular vegetarian chicken that is perfect for a tasty lunch or dinner.  Add it to a stir fry with rice, or serve it with mashed potatoes and gravy.  

Craving some seafood?  Try Loma Linda Skallops or Loma Linda Fishless Tuno.  Now you can get that seafood taste from alternatives that are plant-based.

From vegan hot dogs, vegetarian beef cutlets and breakfast sausages, to vegetarian diced chicken, vegan taco meat and hamburgers made from plant-based protein, we've got the selection of veggie meat that fits your needs and your taste.

Are you a flexitarian?  That's a person who eats a mostly vegetarian diet, but occasionally eats meat.  Vegefood.com will give you a nice selection of vegetarian items to choose from.  You may not even miss the meat!

Planning for a meal with friends or family?  Trying to celebrate Meatless Monday?  Not sure what to serve your vegetarian or vegan friends? Just type "vegan" in the Search Box to see a list of all items we carry that are vegan products, or click the Vegan category to view the same. Choose from our family size options.  Save money by taking advantage of our discount of 10% off when you order a full case of any of our products!

Do you own a restaurant or a catering business?  Looking for some vegetarian or vegan options for the menu?  Perhaps you would like to offer a Meatless Monday menu.  The family size items are perfect for you!  And remember, when you buy a full case of any item, you will save 10%!

If there is a vegetarian product that you are looking for, and we don't currently sell it on vegefood.com, be sure to let us know!  We are always looking for great new items to add to our website.  Our goal is to be your vegetarian source online!

We are committed to providing you with a great selection of your favorite vegetarian meats and other healthy food items that go with a vegetarian lifestyle.  Order on vegefood.com!  It’s affordable, convenient, and delicious vegetarian food comes right to your door step!

You can feel good about the food you feed your family when you shop at vegefood.com, “the nation’s favorite online store for meat alternatives.”

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